Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In Season Training For Combat Athletes

The following is a small excerpt from TAP OUT about in season training for combat athletes:

During the competitive high school or college wrestling season it is impossible for most athletes to train and recover from more than two days per week. During this time, the goal of training should be only to maintain what has been gained during the off season. Trying to gain size, speed or strength during the season is a fruitless effort and actually will do you more harm than good.

During the season I use a few different options. One is to have one day be a strength day and the other day a hypertrophy day. One speed exercise such as a jump or Olympic lift can be included as the first exercise on either day. Again, remember that we are only trying to maintain these qualities here.

Another option is to combine the two qualities on two different full body days, again with speed probably only being included on one day. Finally, the third option is for those who athletes who are forced by their coaches to do an inordinate amount of running and calisthenics in practice every day. With this option we have one lower body day and one upper body day per week. More often than not, this is the system I use with most guys because wrestling coaches love to pummel their athletes into the ground.

This would be the ideal way for MMA athletes to train when approaching a fight. Since many MMA competitors can often train for up to six hours per day, their recovery ability will be limited and therefore their time in the weight room should reflect that.

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