Sunday, April 29, 2007

Speaking Out

Thanks for finally speaking out! I wish more people would realize the points you made in the e-mail. I had a couple of quick questions:

1. I drink chocolate milk PWO (use low-fat milk then add in Hershey's syrup). Is it OK to add in a scoop of unflavored whey to the drink?

2. I recently ordered your Tap Out e-book set (LOVE IT!). I'm strapped for cash at the moment due to having my wisdom teeth you have any cost-effective ways of making blast straps to use for the scarecrow and blast strap push-ups?

Thanks and looking forward to the new book.
-Dan Johnson

Glad you liked it. Yes, you can add some unflavored whey to the drink.

You can do some of the blast strap exercises just by getting two long pieces of chain and looping them around a bar. Fasten the ends with some kind of clip or karabiner and then just put a small hand towel around the chain and grab it. This will work for inverted rows, pushups and scarecrows.

I believe what you say in this E-mail. When I was in U.S. Marine Corps boot camp, I put on 12 pounds and was more "ripped" than ever. No supplements, and with a hell of a lot of "road work". Just three meals per day. I appreciate your truth, thanks.
Dale Allen

It’s all about hard work. Thanks for the email.

Good bs and I love it. That's how I base my clients’ workouts as well. Keep it up.
Jason VanHeulen CSCS
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Aria Spa & Club

Then I would have to imagine you’re doing a damn good job ;)


I wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your recent blog entries; glad you are back.


Thanks a lot for the comments, I really appreciate it.

Can't wait dude I'll definitely grab a copy. I am living proof that doing things you don't recommend really do hinder training results; and, following your routines really do produce fast positive results. I bought your book quite a while back and have periodically deviated from your routines and rules due to lack of commitment. In the short times that I did follow the routine loosely and it has given me about 15 lbs. of muscle.

To back up this newer point about protein supplements, I stopped drinking protein after I got this stomach virus a couple weeks ago. I couldn't stomach the fuckin thickness of the shake so I had to pass on them. Anyway, since then I've just been stickin to lots of beef, chicken, pork, and tuna, plus the multi-vitamin in the morning and fruit throughout the day. First of all I just felt healthier; I felt like a human instead of a science project. Besides improved overall body function, I experienced higher gains in lean muscle instead of the bloated looking bulky muscle.

Anyway, looking forward to the book,

Awesome to hear about your great results. Keep it up.

Hi great to see someone has finally got it right, you are spot on. I was pi**ed around for over 15 years by all these full of sh*t no it alls, until I finally realised that it was all bull sh*t I now train heavy and hard but always add weight weekly or as often as poss, my diet is now 'normal ' but enough to grow weekly and hey presto 46lbs of new muscle in 10 months with no fat increases and twice as strong as before, piece of p**s when you know how! Let me know when your book is out as it sounds like the kind of stuff I now like to read! Put a stop to all the lies and tell everyone how it really works, there must be millions of confused and frustrated lifters out there, its sickening, everyone could easily succeed with the truth.
Good luck with your book

Thanks for sharing your success story. I love to hear them. The truth is what I am going to deliver.

Thank you for dispelling the myths in your latest blog. Damn, it's about time. Yeah, it's probably going to ruffle some feathers, but who cares? You're probably going to confuse the hell out of a lot of people, but it's up to them to make the right choice. What you write is SO true. Ok, maybe, just MAYBE if you've hit a plateau that supplements or a little extra jolt may assist in breaking through it, but it's nothing you should use on a regular basis.

Cheers. Thanks for all the info.
Bobby Thompson

Every time I open my mouth I ruffle some feathers. It won’t stop me from speaking the truth, however. Keep on the right track.

Great article! i've thought the same about protein and post-workout drinks because i
consumed them methodically and never noticed an ounce more of weight gain nor increase in

thanks again.
Tom G.

I was discussing this with a colleague of mine last night and he was mentioning how all of the studies on post workout nutrition are completely flawed and really don’t prove anything. When will the lies ever stop?