Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The BIG Seminar!

Announcing the greatest training seminar of the year! On October 27th in Boston, Jim Wendler, CJ Murphy, Alwyn Cosgrove and I will be giving a one day only seminar. These are three of the brightest and most influential guys in the entire fitness/ strength and conditioning industry and three guys that I have the utmost respect for. When I have training related questions, these are the guys that I call.

This will be a very hands on seminar and we will give you exactly what you want. This is your seminar and we will deliver only the information that you guys are interested in.

It's also the only speaking engagement I will be doing this year or next so if you are even remotely interested in anything I have to say about training, this is the day to hear it.

To learn more and to sign up today, click HERE now.

See ya in Beantown,