Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Skinny Guy Secrets to Insane Muscle Gain- Part 2

Today I have part two of my recent interview with former hardgainer, Vince Delmonte.

Vegetarians, stay tuned for tomorrows post where I will finally answer all of your questions that I have been promising to answer.


Q: What were some of the biggest mistakes that you made and what mistakes do you still see skinny guys doing in the gym today on a regular basis?

Okay, where should I start...
-- reading bodybuilding magazines if your training without drugs

-- relying on finding the "right" supplement

-- training with wimpy friends or guys not very serious

-- doing "mirror workouts" (starring at yourself in the mirror the whole time)

-- 'over killing' a muscle group with body part training

-- getting your gym membership confused as a "social membership"

-- spending more time trying to pick up the cute receptionist instead of working out

-- lifting the same weights every week

-- too much alcohol on the weekends

-- too many late nights partying

-- not being consistent year round

I could go on for awhile here... those are just a few things.

Q: What do you think are some of the biggest BS myths out there regarding effective training and nutrition for hardgainers?

1. You need supplements to get big. What else is a hardgainer going to think when he opens a bodybuilding magazine and sees 200 of the 300 pages are supplement ads? Try this test out on yourself. Take ONLY supplements for 2 weeks only, while training, and see what kind of results you get. Now eat ONLY whole food for 2 weeks only, while training, and see what kind of results you get! Think about how many incredible physiques were built 20-30 years ago without supplements! Supplements only make a 5-10% difference ASSUMING that your lifestyle, training and nutrition are hitting a 90% threshold.

2. Doing cardio will kill your muscle gains. Yes, training for the Boston marathon or even a 10 K road race, is not going to accelerate your muscle gains (it will harm them) but sprinting on a treadmill 3x a week is not going to make you "lose" muscle. It will actually help with muscle growth because it will increase your appetite to eat more and improve overall circulation which is critical for muscle growth. 3. You need to "bulk up" to get huge. Bulking up is good for someone who is SERIOUSLY underweight and has self esteem issues and a lamborghini kind of metabolism.

However, you can not "force" your muscles to grow with more and more food. Yes, you must be in a surplus, but a 2000 calorie surplus is not going to get better results than a 500 calorie suprlus because genetics and testosterone levels determine the rate your muscles grow.

Can you give they typical skinny hardgainer a list of the most important things they should be doing to maximize their results?

Learn from somone who can relate to your "muscle unfriendly genes". Would you take money advice from a guy who inherited a fortune? No! So why take muscle building advice from a guy who inherited great genetics? One piece of advice that worked for him might completely screw up your program...

Q: What are your guidelines for mass building nutrition and supplementation?

A: For skinny guys: If you want to look like someone who is 200 pounds and 5% body fat then you have to start eating like a man who is 200 pounds and 5% fat.

If you are a female and want to be a lean and trim 120 pounds and 15% fat then you have to start eating like a women who is 120 pounds and 15% fat. Nutrition is a mental game and knowing what you want and then becoming the part. My nutrition plans are 45% carbs, 35% protein and 20% fat. Obviously, clean calories all around the board. I don't believe in 'forcing' your muscles to grow with food. Surplus, yes; but 'force feeding', no, as mentioned above.

For supplementation: I guess it depends on how financially committed someone is to their goals as well. If you’re following my meal plans, most supplements are redundant anyways. I do recommend a high quality multi, fish oils and a pre made workout drink. That's about it.

Q: What about some counterintuitive tips you could share that most people don't think of or overlook?

A: I read somewhere about this concept called the "lean threshold." All it means is that you'll look more muscular around 10% body fat than you will, even at a higher weight when 13-18% fat. Each trainee's goal should be to get their body fat level down to around 10 ish % body fat before going into a 'surplus' meal plan. It will make you look way better naked, keep you motivated to eat clean and prevent you from increasing your fat cells which is very hard to get rid of when it comes time to 'cut.' As long as you’re getting stronger from week to week, eating clean all year round in a surplus and gaining 1-2 pounds of dry muscle each month – you’re rockin! If your body fat starts creeping up more than you wish, simply add some more interval cardio. Plain and simple.

Q: I know you have gotten great feedback from your outstanding muscle building program. Can you tell our readers what's different about your program and how it will help them?

A: I would say my program is "efficient." Consider this last analogy. Whose job is more efficient? They guy making $100,000 a year working 40 hours a week or 20 hours a week? 20 hours a week! Whose bodybuilding program is more efficient? They guy who gained 20 pounds in 3 months training 7 hours a week or 3 hours a week? 3 hours a week!

That's how my program is different. It teaches you how to train smarter, not harder (don't get me wrong, the workouts will kick your ass) but the overall program is structured and progressive and built around achieving long term success.
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