Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Forgot About Dre

Question: Jason, I know you're a huge hip hop fan so I wanted to ask if you saw Dr. Dre at the MTV awards Sunday night. Do you think he he did this naturally?

Answer: During commercials of the Giants game I was switching to the MTV awards and did happen to catch Dr. Dre coming out on stage. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw him and thought I was hallucinating. As far as I know Dre has been out of the public eye for at least two years so the change was not seen slow and gradually like LL Cool J's was over a number of years. Instead Dre went from what looked to be a soft but pretty big, 225 to a ripped 250. He looks to have gained at least 30 pounds of muscle and lost an equal amount of fat.

While many people will quickly assume that the good doctor traded in his chronic for Dbol, I think this is missing the point and taking away from his effort. I have rarely seen such a dramatic change in any two year period by anyone. Did he have some assistance in doing this? Maybe, maybe not. I have no idea. But the fact is, even if you take steroids you still have to do the training and eating. If you simply take steroids and do nothing, nothing happens. If you take steroids and train at half intensity and give your diet half an effort, something happens but it's usually not all that impressive. I've seen plenty of people take steroids and get less than impressive results because they half assed their diet and training.

The fact of the matter is that it doesn't matter if Dre had help in making such a dramatic transformation because he still had to work his ass off in the gym, do the cardio and eat right. To me that's impressive and motivational no matter what he was or wasn't taking. And you also have to recognize that Dre is older now, he's married, he's probably slowed down on the drinking, partying and weed smoking and is probably more into taking care of himself and eating and training right. So this change could very well have been achieved naturally with someone with above average genetics for building muscle. This is a pretty common theme in the lives of many men in their later 30's who achieve their greatest condition when their priorities and lifestyles start to change.

We'll never know if Dre did it naturally or not but I still think it's damn impressive and think it should be motivational for anyone to step it up a notch in their training.