Wednesday, October 17, 2007

15 Experts + 7 Weeks= Ripped Abdominals

To bring you the best training information available anywhere on how to get six pack abs, my colleague, Scott Colby has assembled an amazing group of fitness experts including:

- Tom Venuto, the author of the best selling fat loss e-book in history, Burn The Fat
- Mike Geary, the author of The Truth About Abs
- Valerie Waters, trainer to several of Hollywood's biggest stars including Jennifer Garner
- Dr. Chris Mohr, nutrition adviser to LL Cool J...

and me, to share all of our secrets on how to build a great set of ripped abdominals. Over the next 7 weeks you will be able to listen to each of these experts speak for absolutely FREE when you sign up today.

I know I will definitely be listening and can't wait to hear what everyone else has to say. If I were you I would too.

And I know I won't be holding back during my interview.

For more information and to sign up now please go to RippedAbdominals. com right now.