Monday, April 07, 2008

Another Success Story

When I first read about Jason Ferruggia, I was intrigued by his apparent blunt honesty. This is a man who says things like it is with no sugar coating nor fear of what others (even “experts) say…yet he has always remained down to earth and helpful to people who don’t have a clue but are honestly trying.

When first talking to him on his website, I was shocked at his “real” personality and his helpfulness.

And yes, I’ve talked with a few online coaches over the years, but they all had hidden agendas…selling supplements for kickbacks, or whatever. Jason has none of these things…just an honest guy doing a job that has been made dishonorable due many who came before him (and continue to fester into the weight training world even today).

Ever since changing my training methods from over-hyped-overtraining methods, I’ve been extremely pleased to note that **all** lifts are improving weekly. At first, I took some of the principles from Muscle Gaining Secrets and incorporated them into my normal training routine.

Recently, however, I’ve changed to the Maximum Mass program.

The super time-saving and intense workouts are EXACTLY what my body needs to build strength levels quickly. Life is extremely busy and I don’t have time to pussyfoot around in the gym (or life, in general)…yet I still don’t want to neglect my private strength and physique goals. And Max Mass is perfect for this.

No, I’m not what I consider strong (yet), but the daily improvements reaffirm that I’m **finally** on the right track (after 8 years of doing it wrong and basically wasting my time). No, my physique is not what I want it to be (yet), but it *is* improving weekly…my LBM is increasing while fat is actually decreasing.

And the “unheard of” thing is that I’m actually gaining strength at the same time…while gaining lean mass and losing fat.

Crazy, huh?

If you want a guy who:

---cuts through the bullcrap,

---tells it like it is,

---isn’t afraid to say the truth despite the dogma and blatant lies that are out there, and

---does not get you buying unnecessary and worthless supplements just so you can gain from training programs that are designed to overtrain you (unless, of course, you take the “magic supplements),

then Jason Ferruggia is the trainer for you.

I wish I had found out about Jason Ferruggia years ago when I started training.

Jason Haynes
Haikou, Hainan China

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