Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Muscle Gaining Secrets has officially been launched. After much delay and great anticipation the day has finally come. Muscle Gaining Secrets is the culmination of my 20 years in weight training. I lay it all on the line and give you everything I have ever learned along the way.

Early reviews are in and I am happy to say that they have been incredible. Check out what people are saying:

"Between playing college football and lifting for both size and strength in my post-football life, I've been training hard for over twenty years, and I've picked up a few things along the way. In all my years, however, I've never seen anything like what Jay Feruggia has put together with his Muscle Building Secrets line of products. They're a complete compendium of everything you need to know about training. I think the best way to describe Jay is that he's like an anchor in the training business. You veer off course and try to experiment with all kinds of BS programs and diets, but Jay and his work are always there to bring you back to the most efficient, time-tested ways to build muscle and gain strength known to mankind. Sometimes Jay seems to me like a lone voice in the wilderness, but every time I waste several months spending hundreds of dollars on useless supplements that don't do a damned thing for me, I go back to Jay's advice and get myself back on track. Save yourself the time, money and disappointment and go straight to the best: Jay Feruggia."
-The Doorman, author of HarperCollins memoir Clublife: Thugs, Drugs and Chaos at New York's Premier Nightclubs

"Many claim to be NO B.S in the fitness training business, but you've consistently proven yourself to be as NO B.S. as they come through your personal results and the successes of your clients. With Muscle Gaining Secrets you've stripped away the excess, answered all the tough questions, and made it as simple as 'Do THIS because it works.'"
Bill Hartman


As an up and coming fitness professional, I am well aware of the gimmicks and false promises of supplements and fitness gadgets that instill in people the idea that there are short cuts and easy ways to get fit. Society promises us rewards without effort and the path of least resistance is the road most often traveled. Hard work and commitment are foreign terms that are ancient and outdated. In Muscle Gaining Secrets, author Jason Ferruggia offers an honest approach to achieving life-changing results in obtaining the physique you desire. Finally, a book of truth!”
Jonathan Cancro, NSCA-CPT

If you are sick and tired of wasting all your time on muscle building routines, gimmicks and supplements that get you nowhere then it's time for you to finally be exposed to the no BS truth.

For more about Muscle Building Secrets and to take advantage of the very special introductory sale which only lasts until Friday at noon, click HERE now.