Friday, June 22, 2007

Only Four Days Left...

Until you learn the bottom line truth about building massive muscle without steroids. Next Tuesday, the wait is over and the much anticipated Muscle Gaining Secrets will finally be launched.

The early reviews are in and they are outstanding...

“Jason Ferruggia is the master muscle builder in the fitness industry. When I was searching for a training advisor for Men’s Fitness, I knew I needed a partner I could trust to help me distill all the training knowledge out there into what REALLY works, and better yet, what works FAST. There was no one better to fill that role than Jason, who has elevated Men’s Fitness’ training advice so far above the mainstream magazine norm that even I can’t wait to read it every month! With Muscle Gaining Secrets and its companion e-books, Jason offers the same super-high quality information in a fast-moving, easy-to-read format. You can’t fail when he’s in your corner.”
— Sean Hyson, C.S.C.S., fitness editor for Men’s Fitness magazine

"Raw and uncut. That is how Jay Ferruggia brings it. If you're looking for another '3 sets of 10, eat chicken breasts and yams, how-to-be-a-fitness-model' program, then forget about getting it from Jay. From his politically-incorrect no-BS eating program, to his workout routines that he's used with hundreds of athletes, powerlifters, and strongmen, Ferruggia truly is relentless when it comes to putting together the ultimate muscle building program. And I'm no armchair quarterback when it comes to Jay's workout advice. Jay is the coach that finally got me to smarten up and train right. As a result, I'm stronger, less tired, less beat up between workouts, and my workouts are of the highest quality. This is the only muscle-building program out there that will give you the results you've been after forever, while making you laugh, and firing you up like never before, all at once. Get it, or get left behind again, just like you were last summer."
-Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Strength Coach, Toronto, Canada

I apologize for my lack of posting recently but I think it will be worth it when you get your hands on the new book.