Thursday, July 12, 2007

Chest Training Alternatives

Before I get into the question of the day I have to ask a question of my own. Whatever happened to your hearing getting worse with age? Isn't that how it's supposed to go; you lose your hearing as you get older? Apparently this is no longer the case, though. As evidence I point out car rides with my mom. On occasion, when we are going to a family function or out to eat together I will find my mom in the passenger seat of my car. And no matter what music is playing on my stereo, she will somehow find it deafening. It doesn't have to be Slayer or Run DMC either, I can specifically put on the Rolling Stones or Bob Dylan just for her and yet when I can barely make out the lyrics her eardrums are nearly exploding.

"Jason! Turn the music down, I can hardly hear myself think!"

"How's that possible? I can barely hear what Bob's even saying. Is that Tangled Up In Blue or The Hurricane?"

I thought that maybe my mom just had dog ears but apparently this phenomenon is not limited to her. I have had the same experience with several people over the age of 60. The funny thing is once you get used to this and come to expect it, music you usually love suddenly becomes deafeningly loud and offensive to you in the presence of those with super hearing.

Just another mystery I'll never figure out. Or for those who remember the Arsenio Hall Show, another one of those things that make you go "hmmmm..."

Question: Hey tough guy, whattaya say there jerky? Listen to me, I got a chest like a shit house. What can I do about this? My chest is like a wet blanket. Can ya help out or what there, bottlenose?
Frank Rizzo
New York

Answer: Frank, try using dumbbells instead of barbells for all of your pressing exercises. Also, and I never thought I would say this, but if you really can't get your chest to grow after pressing heavy weights for a few years, try to really focus on squeezing the muscle and contract your pecs as hard as possible on every rep. Don't just push the weights up, really focus on using your pecs and squeezing/pulling them together as you come up.

Another great exercise is the Blast Strap or hanging rings flye. Attach Blast Straps to the top of a power rack and get on them in pushup position. Allow your hands to flye out to the sides as you lower yourself slowly and under control. Pull your arms back together to return to the starting position while keeping your torso straight and abs tight.

And for God's sake, please release another Jerky Boys album... or I'll rap ya head in with a ratchet, sizzle chest!