Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some Training Info

Question: Hi Jason!

I read with great interest the MF Arm Workout Article you wrote -
great stuff!!

I wanted to ask what a person should follow after the 2 month workout
is completed. I'm trying it and really enjoying
it, now on my 3rd week.

Best regards,

Frank Marini (Canada)

Answer: Frank, glad you liked the article and the workout. After the arm specialization program is finished I would switch back to a regular upper/lower or half and half split and back off on the arm training volume for a while. Probably just two or three sets each for bi's and tri's for at least the next month.

Question: I know you say to "control the eccentric and explode up" but after I complete my first hang clean and press...and the weight is back above my knees -- is a quick pause ok or should i simply explode into the next hang clean and press as soon as i'm at the end of my previous press. A long way to ask a simple question.

Also, I just lost 20lbs using Craig B's Turbulence Training and now am trying to put on some mass in the form of muscle (I'm 22yrs 5'6 140lbs 13% bfat) In this "skinny fat" range, how do I adjust my nutrition vs. the scrawny ectomorph (or do i count as one?) I've always been scrawny all my life (5'6" 113lbs before college) but college helped me pack on some muscle freshman year --> then alcohol and laziness packed on the fat the final 3 years (5'6" 160 lbs 20% bfat at end)

From what I've read in your book, it seems like just eating more, but keeping it clean seems the best route for me. Just lookin for some reinforcement or guidance.

Thanks for an awesome product at an unbelievable price. People will spend hundreds of dollars on random "abs products", fast food, video games, etc. and are wary of investing a little money in a real program because they aren't willing to invest themselves into making real change. Glad guys like you, craig, alwyn, etc. are callin people out on it and motivating us to make the true investment.

- Eric L

Answer: Eric, a pause is completely ok on the hang cleans, in fact it is recommended. I would still train and eat for size but just be sure to make clean food choices, time your carbs right and do some cardio to keep fat gain at bay. Eat more on training days and less on off days, which should also be your cardio days. Keep me posted.

Question: Hi Jason

Nice work. Had a look at most of your e-books today, been training
now for 12 years. Given me some interesting food for thought. Been
doing something similar for a while now 3-4 years, benching around 360 pound, currently recovering from a knee replacement, 5 weeks in. Have put a fair bit of fat on the frame in the couple months leading up to and after surgery. Ashamed to to say
most likely between 25-20% body fat. Mind you my strength keeps on increasing.

Normally I'd do high intensity cardio to strip the fat back to a
respectable percentage, but I also tend to burn muscle, any training
strategy you could suggest that would avoid this? (I'd like to have
my cake and eat it).

Diet will not be a problem to solve I know what to do in that
area...(besides I now have your e-book on it)

Thanks for the help

yours sincerely


Answer: James, since maintaining size and strength, or hopefully increasing them, is your main priority and you had the knee replacement, I would only recommend low intensity cardio for you. This would be walking, either with nothing or while dragging a sled. In fact, mix it up; walk some days without the sled and some days with it. Start with three thirty minute sessions per week and gradually increase this to four 45-60 minute sessions. This should not cut into your strength or size gains at all. In a month assess your progress; if you want more fat loss add in another day of walking or two.

Also be sure to keep the diet as clean as possible.

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