Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pre Workout Energy Boosters

In the midst of a three day bender, I woke up Sunday morning with an insatiable desire to lift some heavy weights. I looked across the hotel room at my friend Chris who was still in the upright position I saw him in seven hours earlier when I fell asleep. He was somehow still holding the bottle of Heineken in his hand although some of it had spilled on his shorts.

"We gotta go train, bro."

"What? Are you serious?"

"As a heart attack. Let's go to breakfast with the bride and groom, eat and drink some coffee and then head to the gym."

"Sounds good."

We cleaned up our room and by the lack of any womens underwear on the floor or the smell of latex in the air, we were once again reminded that coming to the wedding without a date and taking a shot with the two single girls there might have been a huge mistake.

Ah well, a good workout will ease the pain of that bad decision.

At breakfast I had a cup of coffee but many times when you are either full or hungover or just not in the mood for it coffee can wreak havoc on your stomach. I had one small cup but knew I needed something extra to get me through this workout and drinking more coffee was only going to make me sick. Luckily I had some Biotest Spike in my car.

Now, as most of you know, I am not a huge fan of supplements but I actually found that I liked Spike. I initially tried it one night at the Jersey shore while going out drinking with Dave Tate, Jim Wendler and Alwyn Cosgrove. After Jim and I finished a pitcher or two of vodka lemonade Dave suggested that I needed some Spike to keep me up all night. Instead of the recommended one tablet, Dave gave me four. Shortly after that Cosgrove bought Jim and I four Red Bull & vodkas. Needless to say I threw up later that night and slept on the couch while Cosgrove snored away comfortably in my bed. I swore I would never touch Spike again.

Several months later I had breakfast with Biotest's TC Luoma and relayed this story to him. He suggested that maybe next time I should only use ONE instead of FOUR. I took his advice and was pleasantly surprised. When you need a boost Spike is actually a great pre workout supplement and thanks to its help I actually went up ten pounds on floor presses Sunday Morning and had a great workout.

I don't like to consume caffeine too frequently or develop a reliance on any kind of pre workout supplement but I do use Spike on occasion when I need a boost and would recommend it to anyone looking for the same effect. You can learn more about Spike HERE.

Another great pre workout boost is Joe DeFranco's "DeFranco Energy Bar." This is an unbelievably delicious protein bar that contains the potent energy boosting combination of caffeine and tyrosine. When I can't get to real food and need to train I try to make sure to always have one of these on hand. These are very easily digested and give you a great boost right before a workout. Click HERE to learn more and order yours today.

When you don't feel like drinking coffee or just want something new, give Spike or the DeFranco Bars a try and let me know what you think. For more info on supplements click HERE now.