Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Your Questions, My Answers


Received your muscle gaining secrets book along with all the bonuses
yesterday and have pretty much devoured all of them.
I have a few questions that I hope you can answer for me.

1. What kind of gains can I expect with the Home Gym Warrior book?

In 16 weeks you should be able to gain at least 12-15lbs bare minimum.

2. Is there a certain % of weight for each phase or just what I can do
for the recommended reps with maybe one in the tank?

As much as you can handle for the prescribed rep range with 1 in the tank.

3. Can I substitute say bench press for the weighted push ups?


I will probably have more questions but this is it for now as I would
like to switch to this and hopefully prove your workouts and theories to
be true. I have tried to gain weight since high school, weighing 113,
(1995 graduate) and am currently at my heaviest being 150lbs, 5lbs of
which I have gained this month. I believe most of my problem was the
diet but I always used the hardgainer excuse.

I have now increased my diet up to 2500 calories+ and about 160 to 200+
grams of protien but I want to increase my size as fast as I can and am
tired of wasting money on books that aren't worth using as toilet paper.
I can honestly say your books and advice are my last hope at getting

You probably need at least 3000 calories.

As I stated I am currently 150 but want to get to about 165-70 and I
feel at that weight I could be very happy with myself.
If it helps I have enclosed a sample week of my workout.
Monday- 12:00pm
Clean and press w/2 1/2" fat bar 3setsX4-6
Deadlifts same bar same sets and reps

Ditch the fat bar here. It is severely limiting the amount of weight you can handle on two of the best mass building exercises there are. Your grip will be a limiting factor and you will end up using far less weight than you should.

Wednesday- 12:00pm
Barbell curls same bar same sets and reps
Bench press same bar same sets and reps

I wouldn't do curls and dips before chin ups and bench presses. That is pre exhausting the wrong muscles. Unless you are doing some sort of arm specialization, this is a bad idea.

Friday- 12:00pm
Squats same bar same sets and reps
Wide grip pull ups
Step ups same bar same sets and reps

The rest of the days are rest with maybe some light bodyweight exercises
mainly handstand push ups or plain hand balancing courtesy of John Woods
Handbalancing book.

All that is left to say is HELP I am tired of my friends getting bigger
just by looking at the weights


Follow the advice laid out in the book and you will grow.


i just purchased your new program. i am excited about the info.
question. i am a 47 year old woman who has been lifting weights all her life. i
have done every program from basic, body building, navy seal training to
bodyweight programs. my bodyfat percentage is fairly normal to lower than
average (although i have not had it measured for a while). i have
followed both cb "turbulance training" and a cosgrove "after burn program" so
you can see where i found you. what i want to know, in your opinion, where
should i start off with the programs i have just received. i am not one for the
gym and i do own some weights which mostly consist of db's. but i am
willing to go further and do what it takes to further transform my body. just
thought i'd ask. thanks for the new program very excited about it.
bella biagio

I would start with The Home Gym Warrior. Do that for 16 weeks and keep me posted. Take before and after pics and a training journal so you can share your progress with everyone. Thanks and good luck.


Hi Jason,

I ordered “Muscle Gaining Secrets“ last week and since then
couldn’t lay down the book and its bonus material.
It’s great; highly motivating but nevertheless down to earth and
doable. One can really feel your passion for this game and it makes me
raring to go and lift heavy.

The only bad thing about your book is that it caused a bit of a mental
logjam with me:
A few months ago I bought “Tap Out”. And as a former competitive
martial artist who still sees himself as an athlete much like you
describe in your article I thought “Redemption” is the perfect
program for me after I finish my summer fat loss phase in July.
But now you wrote “Muscle Gaining Secrets” which is over 30 weeks
of exciting routines, perfect for my available time and home gym set
up. So I am really tempted to give it a try even if my main goal is
not gaining huge amounts of mass (a few kilograms wouldn’t hurt!)
but to be able to really perform (still train in Judo and Karate).
I like the programs a lot as they are but do they fit enough my goal
of increasing strength and performance for my sports? Should I
incorporate some weeks of max strength focus similar to the loading
parameters of Redemption Phase 3 every 8 weeks?

Thanks in advance for any tips or hints!

Best regards,


The workouts will improve your performance. There are no fluff exercises and we do have max strength phases or days incorporated in the program. The only thing we don't do is much dynamic effort/speed work which is probably not going to hurt you. If you wanted you could add in a few sets of box jumps on some of the heavy squat or dead lift days before you begin your workout. Three sets of three to five reps would be plenty. The workouts in Muscle Gaining Secrets will build functional size and strength that will carry over to everything you do. Thanks for the support and keep me posted on how your training is going.


I have no traps at all. My shoulders are completely square and look like someone stuck a hanger inside and placed my head and neck atop it. Please advise me on what to do.

Having no traps is one of mans greatest fears in life, so believe me, I feel for you. This is a very, very desperate situation that needs to be fixed immediately. You need have to live on deadlifts, Olympic lifts like the clean, high pull and snatch, shrugs and upright rows. Deadlift at least once per week for the next 8 weeks and do an Olympic lift and shrug on two other days. A good plan would be hang cleans on Monday, shrugs on Wednesday and deadlifts on Friday. We need to hit the traps hard, three days per week with three to five sets to put an end to this problem. Let me know how it goes.