Friday, July 13, 2007

Front Squats?

Question: Coach, how come you don't use front squats in any of your workouts?

Answer: Because they suck. They are uncomfortable, people despise doing them with a passion, you can't use nearly as much weight as you can on a back squat and they offer no significant benefits over back squats; they are just way worse. On occasion, front squats may be of limited value but if you are looking at bang for your buck (sorry to use that lame cliche) stick with back squats, they offer far more benefits.

Some people say that they use front squats for more quad development. To them I say do some leg extensions instead.

Others say that they use front squats because they put less stress on the spine. To them I say grow a pair.

And yet others say that they use front squats because they are more functional. To them I say please stop training right now and leave us all alone.

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