Sunday, January 21, 2007

Assuaging Your Low Volume Fears

I have been discussing training volume quite a bit lately and have gotten an inordinate amount of positive feedback for which I would like to thank everyone. However, some people can't bring themselves to admit that they are doing too much. Others are intrigued by the idea that maybe doing less would yield greater results but can't seem to let go of the rock. And then there is the group that gives it a shot, only to freak out and go back to their old high volume routines not more than two or three weeks later. To this last group, I need to issue a warning. There is something you must know about low training volumes.

You will shrink. That's right, you will actually look smaller for a while. That is because your muscles will not hold that same fullness that they did when you did high volume training. One school of thought is that with high volume training, the muscles hold more fluid, nutrients, glycogen, etc. and that is what leads to them having a slightly larger appearnance on an everyday basis. But is that really it? Or is the "swell" actuall from trauma and damage to the muscle? People always say, "you look swole," or "you're gettin your swole on." I think maybe this might be closer to the truth, that the muscle is actually swollen from all the trauma inflicted upon it. If I hit you in the arm fifteen times with a bat, they will probably be an inch or so bigger for the next few days. Fifteen sets of curls have a similar effect.

The truth is that the swollen or slightly pumped look that you carry around with you on a high volume routine is probably a combination of both of those factors. So yes, if you stop doing high volume training you will actually look a bit smaller for a while because you will not be inducing this effect anymore.

However, the body will start to compensate and in time you will grow much bigger and stronger with less volume than you ever did with more. You will have greatly improved recovery ability, much more energy, fewer injuries and a higher sex drive. All pretty good things, if you ask me.

Like Dres once said, the choice is yours.

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