Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Kid on the Block

There is an unwritten rule in online marketing that you don't do anything for anyone unless you are getting a cut of the action. You don't help someone promote something unless there is money in it for you. And I totally get that. It's a business, and business should always be business. You don't run a website or blog just to promote everyone that you know and to hand out favors.

But what about your close friends?

Many online marketers stick to these rules even when dealing with friends. And, to an extent, I totally get that as well. Even though someone is your friend that doesn't mean you are obligated to promote something from them that you think is absolute horseshit. Also, it is everyone's perogative to do what they want to do and keep business and friendship separate.

I, however, choose not to get down like that.

Friends always come before business in my mind. John Alvino, Alwyn Cosgrove, Keith Scott and Craig Ballantyne are all highly respected colleagues of mine. But first and foremost, they are all my good friends. So I will promote anything they do weather or not there is any incentive at all. The incentive is to see my friends do well. If they do something that sucks, trust me, I would never compromise my integrity and recommend it to you. But the fact of the matter is they are four of the smartest guys in the business and would never do anything that is less than stellar, therefore I have no problem helping them spread the word.

People have often told me that certain morals that I hold near and dear are holding me back from ever making as much money as I have the potential to. That's fine. I need to be able to shave in the morning...if you know what I mean.

So to continue my life long trend of going against the norm, I would like to promote a friend today, on my website for abolutely...FREE (shocking, I know). This is a brand new article that was written by my friend and Virginia Commonwealth University Basketball Head Strength Coach, Danny Vega (pictured above). It's the first article he's ever written and I personally thought it was outstanding. I think you should check it out by clicking HERE now.