Friday, January 19, 2007

News Stand News

I came to an agreement this week with Men's Fitness Magazine to become the new head training advisor. If you haven't picked up a copy of Men's Fitness recently, I suggest you do so. It is among the best mainstream fitness magazines out there. You won't find any 58 set pro bodybuilder workouts in there or nonsense like that. Sean Hyson has done a tremendous job assembling an array of some great writers who are among the best in the business. We will also be bringing in some new guys this year who are really going to make their mark, such as Keith Scott.

It's going to be a very big year in Men's Fitness and we have tons of good training information coming your way. So get your subscription now.

Ten time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H (pictured above reading this months issue) has his. I have it on good authority that his favorite section is the Hardgainer column. You know, the one with the picture of the strikingly handsome, goateed, bald dude...

Also, combat athletes, might be interested in checking out the latest issue of MMA Sports Mag. I have a fully detailed training program for combat athletes included in there.

And for a quick bodyweight only workout you can do anywhere, anytime to relieve some stress, pic up this months Maximum Fitness Magazine and read my de-stress workout on page 64.