Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More On The Secret

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Today's post is a follow up on my post from last week about the laws of attraction and the Secret and all that hocus pocus. This post originally appeared on and was brought to my attention by a very good friend of mine who happens to be good friends with Odd Todd. I thought it was hilarious and had to post it here. Check it out...

Messing with "The Secret"
So someone sent me a video called 'The Secret' recently and told me to watch it. So I did. It was kind of interesting kind of sort of.
It's a thoroughly cheesed out video that basically said that there's this "big secret" out there. A super secret secret to success that successful people know. Now on DVD! The general idea is linking the power of positive thinking to actual science. Like if you think that you want a new job and focus on that goal or whatever-- the laws of attraction will actually manipulate the matter of the universe to have things to help you get to your goal-- gravitate toward you. And in effect alter future reality-- not spiritually but scientifically by having the universal force clear a path toward your goal or some mumbo jumbo stuff or whatever. Like when you're having a good day things fall into place because you're attracting good things with a positive attitude. And when it's a bad day the negativity piles up because you're repelling the good stuff.. or something... or whatever. Yadda yadda... That sort of stuff.

Anyway, I do believe in the power of thinking positively and believe in sending good vibes to people who need em-- but I don't really believe universal manipulation was meant for straight profit and selfish reasons. Like if you sit there only praying for only yourself all day-- I'm not sure that's the way to go. This video was all about using this 'power' to hook yourself up with money and stuff. Sort of preying on ego maniacs who want shortcuts. Like some guy on the video said, 'He always gets a perfect parking space right in front at the Mall because he visualizes it before he gets there.' (Try that in Manhattan...) And some guy who wanted a new car thought about it and somehow he won a car or some crap. Seemed like alot of bs...
But I figured I'd give it a shot anyway! I mean I walk around doing nothing alot so I figured I might as well spend some time trying to manipulate the entire universe for my own personal reasons!

So all day long I walked around trying to visualize good things and alter my personal reality for fun and profit. And I think I might have actually had an effect on things! Because everything all day long went totally wrong. A total backfire day! If I was heading down into the subway I'd try to picture the subway pulling up just as I step onto the platform. All day long the subway would pull away just as I got there. And it would be like an overlong wait till the next one. I knew that getting $100,000 was a tall order so I tried to picture somehow getting ten dollars out of nowhere. Nothing. Not one cent. The nintendo DS game I wanted to get for my nephew was out of stock. When I approached an elevator, I visualized it waiting in the lobby for me-- but it was on the top floor and took forever to come down. When I tried to hail a cab... there were none. I spilled on my shirt. I was late to everything. A bartender ignored me. Roscoe puked on my rug. And for the most part the whole 'positive thinking' day turned out to be a big mess. Nothing I tried to visualize came together! So I chucked the whole idea overboard.

My conclusion was... positive thinking is fine and dandy but if there is any truth to the idea that you can manipulate universal matter to affect your reality-- don't mess with it all greedy and only tap into your god-like superpowers on occasion for very good reasons. Or face the wrath of a backfire...
ok bye!