Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Reader Mail

Hi Jason,
I bought your "get jacked" guide maybe one or two years ago - and I can honestly say that I have not added one single gram of muscle. The reason? Probably because I did not apply one thing I read, instead I spend countless of hours reading all conflicting ideas at t-nation, and doing very little training and if I ever did - it would be something written by Christian T, like OVT or some specialization program for arms/delts etc. probably not a got thing if you are 34 years old, 178 cm, 75 kg with 15% body fat. However I came to think about your book the other day and now I feel that this is probably what I need, real advice from someone not on steroids and not genetically gifted.

JF: This is a mistake that too many people make. It's called paralysis by analysis. Don't search for the "perfect program" in hopes of a miracle. I have written a program out that will deliver exactly what you desire and will help you achieve your goals in rapid time. But if you never do the program and sit around and question everything you do and don't believe in it and put all you have into it, you will never get anywhere.

I plan to follow your advice to reach my goals, nice beach body = 75-80 kg with 8% bodyfat.

Now to my questions:
Should I try to lean down first or gain the mass first - or phase the approach and mix periods of muscle gain training and Fat loss phases?

JF: You are pretty small and skinny right now so I would go right into a mass phase. You will probably end up leaner anyway and you will look much better.

Nutritional advice: Is John Berardi's massive eating a good approach in your view?

JF: Yes it is. When you are attempting to gain a ton of size, nutrition is incredibly important. You must make it a major focus of your program.

What do you recommend for fat loss training? Cosgrove/turbulence/john Berardis new book "metabolic advantage" or something completely different - like maybe your own fatt loss program?

JF: You named the two best currently out there, AfterBurn and Turbulence Training. These programs will help you lose fat faster than anything else out there right now.

I plan incorporate your ideas to my training and reach the best shape of my life in the next 6 months- thanks and all the best,

Question: What do you think of Optimum Nutrition's Pro Complex Gainer? I ordered your book, and I'm ready to start a mass program. I know how important breakfast is, and it's always been difficult for me when training for mass, because I'm simply not hungry in the morning. I end up gagging my way through a dozen egg whites and oatmeal. What are your thoughts on the aformentioned gainer? Or any weight gaining shake for that matter?

JF: Carey, I'm pretty much the same way when it comes to eating solid food in the moring so I always start the day with a shake and then have my first solid meal of eggs, toast, oats and fruit about two hours later. I don't know much about the Optimum Nutrition shake but Lean Gainer by Labrada and IsoPure Mass are good weight gain shakes. If you need even more calories, add in some fruit, milk, a tablespoon or two of yogurt and macadamia nut oil. Good luck.

Jason, I just wanted to say that yesterdays Ms. New Booty post was the best of many classics here on this blog. Keep 'em coming my man. I look forward to reading everyday.
Mike T.

JF: Thanks Mike, I have been getting a lot of positive feedback on that one. Glad so many people liked it.

Coach, I love the blog, it's f'n hilarious. Quick question for you. I weigh about 205 right now at about 13 or 14% bodyfat. I want to get bigger without getting fatter. When should I cut my carbs off at night? Or is this just a myth?
Keith C.

JF: Keith, that depends on what time you train. After you train your body is primed for carbs so if you train at night you can still eat carbs at night. I wouldn't take it to the extreme though and you still can't change the fact that insulin sensitivity is high in the morning and that your body wants protein and carbs in the moring more than it does protein and fat. So if you train at night what I would do is eat two carb meals in the morning and then switch to low carb meals for the rest of the day until after your workout. Then after you train you should have a protein and carb shake. Your next meal, depending on what time it is, should be protein, low to moderate carbs with a moderate amount of fat.

Now if you train early in the day, simply eat carbs most of the day up until around six or so and then cut them off for the night.

Hey Jason - I just had a couple of questions about the "Get Jacked" program that I was hoping you could clarify. I'm currently in my 3rd week of training and am seeing great results. I've gained about 10 pounds and feel stronger than I ever have. My greatest challenge has been eating enough!

My first question was about the pull-ups. I can only do 3-4 full pullups in my first set, and then one the second. I've been finishing the reps doing negatives, and when the negatives become too much (no longer slow and controlled) I rep out on the lat pulldown at about 75% of my body weight. Is that the right thing to do? Or would you recommend another approach?

JF: Ryan, I would prefer to see you get some JumpStretch bands and attach them to the bar to assist you in getting the required number of reps. Get the mini, the light and the average bands. This will help you progress faster. What you are doing now is okay and you continue on that path until you get the bands.

The second question is regarding warm-up sets. Are the warmups included in the number of sets that are listed, or do I do a few before and how do you do them?

JF: The sets listed are not including warm ups. Usually you will do your first warm up with 50% of your starting weight for six to ten reps. After that, move to 70 and then 90% for five reps each. If you feel you need more warm ups than this, another set or two won't hurt.

Thanks, this program has made training fun again!
Ryan G

JF: Glad you like it. Keep up the great work and let me know how much you gain in the end.